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Written by Indigo on . Posted in Handmade

Exclusive jewerly of the series "Zodiac circle" consisting of handmade ring and earrings.

This set was made  for individual order. In this work, in hired symbolism of zodiacal constellation of "Taurus", which patronizes to the customer. "Taurus" is author's work.

 Job description

The name of work "Taurus" in translation from Greek means "Taurus". Patrons of zodiacal constellation of "Taurus" are woman's planets Venus and Moon, exactly "taurruses" needs of harmony, comfort and of course beauty. People who ruled Venus, very sensitive Astrological signs. Venus is the personification of love and female beauty in ancient Rome she honoured as a goddess of gardens, beauty and love. One of the most striking symbol of physical and spiritual beauty of Venus is flowers. Between the end of April, and more than half of May, at the time of entry in the constellation Taurus, are beginning to appear the first trees flowering and to bossom violent paints flowers. It is this aspect of the natural had gone in basis of the idea to reflect the character of this zodiacal constellation like a flower and opened inwardly inflorescences. Stylized flower has five petals. Starting from the winter solstice, Taurus is fifth in a row. It is also reflected in a card pack Taro, where the Taurus is fifth card of higher lassos  "Hierophant". Venus planet as a prototype Akkadian goddess Ishtar, is a deity who embodies spiritual love and physical attraction. In one of the myths Sumerian goddess Inanna (Ishtar) says of herself: "I'm а star of the morning sunrise." The star is known, it is often represented exactly like a symbol of shining five-pointed star.  This moment also became founding for the reflection of symbolics of number 5 in the inflorescence and in petals in this jeweller work. Astrologers says that influence of stones on a health and human destiny is predetermined by position of planets and constellations of zodiac. In particular expensive sapphire and emerald are jewels stones  of Taurus, because Taurus deifies a luxury and costliness. For this reason they were used as insertions for this jewelry. Taurus metal is copper. Red gold was used as a basis with closest to the color of copper. That's why, master used only red metal ligature. Main flower of ring has a movable construction. Ring was created so that shank and inflorescence remain stationary relative to the finger, and a flower with petals is rotate, for giving to jewerly a special coloring idea. This author's work from a series of "Zodiac circle", will become the real talisman-keeper and faithful magic ally, it will attract succes for this person, it will be protected from bad influences, the evil eyes and other ailments.


Material: Gold 585 red.

Jewellry set: Ring, Earrings

Weight: Ring 16 grams, Earrings 12 grams

Inserts: Emerald, white sapphires

Manufacturing technology: Handmade