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Jewelry Repair

Written by Indigo on . Posted in Servises

In our studio, you can use the services of repair and restoration of gold and silver jewelry. We

guarantee you a quality repair of your favorite decorations and help restore their original

appearance and shine.

We perform the following kinds of repairs:

  • ­ Soldering jewelry that’s been damaged like a necklace, bracelet, chain or earrings.
  • ­ Repairing spring ring clasps and lobster­claw clasp for new one.
  • ­ Restoring broken prongs on caste rings and earrings.
  • ­ Creating tension to keep a stones in place.
  • ­ Rhodium plating silver jewelry.
  • ­ Cleaning and Polishing jewelry.
  • ­ Resizing your jewelry to ensure your ring has the perfect fit.