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Peacock Feather Necklace

Written by Indigo on . Posted in Handmade

Award winner Jeweller Expo Ukraine 2001 "For the most elegant decoration" in "Traditions and Modernity"


Job description:

Peacock symbolizes pied and infinite variety of the world. Symbolism and deep perception of the surrounding East world, has allowed to master realize in a precious metal interesting cultural and historical premix of philosophy of Modern art. Exactly the image of peacock or just peacock feather in the knight's hat like a symbol of his high moral thoughts came to Europe from East World.

Master incarnated real image peacock feather in the metal. Jewelry is as close as possible to the real feather by the reflection of its basic elements. Plastic wavy lines accentuate beauty of the forms of the real feather. Stylized of jewelry product's element was given unique plastic arts and refinement. When person communicate with this decoration he like meets with nature and feel himself like inalienable part of nature. Peacock feather like telling to us: "No matter how is life hard, no matter what unpleasant surprises life gives to us. It is inevitable. We have to find gladness in the life and believe that life's variety will always to find a positive verge.


Material: Green Gold 585, obsidian, cubic zirconia.

Weight: 159,27g.

Manufacturing technology: Handmade, hand tack inserts.