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Patta 1978

Written by Indigo on . Posted in Portfolio

Stalemate (fr. Pat, Italian. Patta - «drawn game»).

 This decoration is devoted to a famous chess game for the title of chess world champion between Karpov and Korchnoi in 1978 Bagio city (Philippines). It were series of games for the champion tittle in period between 18 of July and 18 of October. And winner was Anatoly Karpov.

Tournament was political in nature. Korchnoi fled from the Soviet Union in 1976, asking for political asylum in Holland. Therefore, the match was percepted like confrontation between Soviet Union and countries of the West. This game is famous because it was the only one chess game in history of tournaments for the the title of world chess champion, which ended off a stalemate, is 5th party of match. This momentous game was exactly 36 years old in 2014.

In this creative ring symbolically represented opposition of parties of conflict like white and black figures on the chessboard as on a geopolitical arena. Chess Position displays a stalemate in which neither of the parties is not a winner. Aim of work - to depict a philosophy of struggle from the perspective of the jeweler's art,  between two opposite worldviews.Purpose of each is a victory and as a result is dominance one side over the other side. However, the willingness of parties do not coincide always with their possibilities and key of decision of opposition maybe in a way of humility and complementarity.