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Written by Indigo on . Posted in Handmade

Bracelet on the shoulder of "Leleka". The name of "Leleka" in translation from Ukrainian means stork.

Job description

This name came in everyday life since the days of Trypillian culture. Along with an eagle and ibis, a stork destroys ominous reptiles and that's why he is solar bird. But, like the creature who related with water and fish, he is associated with the waters of creation. That's why stork is associated with new-born kid whom he brings in the beak. Children who brought by a stork have a embryos form are in a bosom of Mother Earth and in waters of creation, where storks are finding them when he is fishing. A stork also symbolizes oncoming of spring and new life. And that's why Stork is Annunciation  bird. Stork revered in many cultures. For example for Egyptians he personified son deference, because stork feeds his parents in their old age. In the Greek mysteries goddess of storks was represented like a woman who is giver of life, wet nurse and she was an attribute og Gera. For Romans a stork symbolizes deference, son attachment and he was the attribute of Juno. The special respect a stork used in ancient Slavic culture. Master chose a stork like an idea for his authorial work, following the symbolics of folk traditions and beliefs. Stylization of jewelry work as bud hints to us a stork landing on the water surface. Simple cross-shaped pattern with stones on the chest and intagliated ornaments in wings tell us that decoration accesories is a ancient Slavic culture and rich traditions of sun worship in Ukrainian folklore.

Material: Gold 585 yellow and red.

Manufacturing technology: Handmade, filing, assembling and hand tack.