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Custom Jewelry Design

Written by Indigo on . Posted in Servises

Production of jewelry by the individual order of the customer is very time­consuming process and it can be divided into several main consecutive production phases.

  • Development of design and sketch. In the beginning the customer gives information to designer about jewel which he would like to order. Client states the wishes about what it should be, shows photographs or just formulates the idea. After that, designer makes technical specification for the jewel product with the indication of materials, color of precious metal, existence of inserts and their quantity. After that designer makes the sketch of future jewel product and pre­agreed with the customer for approval of all details in work.
   1 drawing
  • Projecting and modeling. The second stage is begining process of designing of a jewel product with special programs for 3D modeling. The product is visualized in a special program (render) for the best demonstration of jewelry to the customer. The product is visualized in a special program (render) for the best demonstration of jewelry to the customer. At this stage there is a final coordination with client of all possible details of work. After that entering of any constructional changes into model of future product will be impossible.
  •             Production of the model. Production of the model in turn can be divided into someproduction phases. At first the model of a jewel product is printed from a special ceramic polymeron the 3D printer or milled from wax model on special milling CNC machine depending oncomplexity. The second stage will be production of silicone jewelry molding rubber by already made polymeric model. The third stage of the manufacturing process will be receiving a wax model of a silicone mold. The final stage of the production model will be the process of forming articles of wax in the molding paste, smelting in the calcining furnace and in the final step it molding of precious metal in the annealed mold.
  • Finishing processing of a product. After casting the resulting product is processed only manually. The model is sawing, grinding and polished to make it shine. After that jeweller makes gem­setting of stones and jewelry product becomes presentation.