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Beauty of Ukraine

Written by Indigo on . Posted in Handmade

Jewelry "Beauty of Ukraine" was making like a rim for hair.

Hair rim has been widely used like a decoration for women since ancient times in the cultute  of the Slavs. Hair rim as a subject of decoration emphasized the natural beauty of woman's hair and it was a daily traditional accessory.

The hair rim decoration is a part of Ukrainian national culture and folklore since ancient times. Before rims were cut out from thin bone plastins and covered by fabric or leather. On the narrow rounded ends of the rim was cut elongated hole and  through it was passed narrow strap connecting the ends of the rim and hold it on the head. Ancient bones carvers covered their hair rim by expressive traditional ornament.

Stylization of rim executed with using of interlacing decorative patterns like a woven into the hair ribbon. This jewelry was performed in the "Provence" style. As well as implement the basic idea of the work - to revive interest in folk Slavic tradition by creating rim for hair of the precious metal.

Material: Gold 585° red and yellow.


Weight: 56.6 g

Manufacturing technology: Handmade